Homeopathy, instructions for use


The way homeopathic remedies are administered is the sublingual route. Sublingual mucosa has good absorption capacity for its remarkable vascularization. When you take remedies several times a day you need to be careful not to eat, drink, or smoke for at least ten minutes before and after taking: so absorption is definitely facilitated and the quickest effects . In infants, granules are administered after melting in water (aqueous dissolution).

Another method of administration, which is particularly useful for pediatric use, is to dissolve the indicated granules or droplets in the middle of a glass of water and then take the liquid obtained by taking one teaspoon at a time even within a few minutes.

Homeopathic remedies should be hijacked by letting them melt under the tongue, away from meals and clean mouth.


Homeopathic remedies come in the form of granules, globules, drops, vials, suppositories, ovules, creams, gels or collars.

GRANULES They are present in all dilutions and are to be taken in numbers three to five at a time. It is the most used pharmaceutical form.

GLOBALS They are sucrose or lactose spherules present in monodoses, the dose tube should be taken in a single dose and let it melt slowly in the mouth under the tongue. It’s the form

Pharmaceuticals that provide maximum surface-effect. It is reserved for medium to high dilutions less than once a day or once a day for a limited period.

THE DROPS Through a 30 ° alcoholic vehicle, they are available in 15-30-50 ml bottles. They should be taken or diluted in a little water, usually 2-4 times daily at an average dose of 15-20

At a time. The vials to be taken orally are prepared using alcohol as a vehicle for the last dilution to 15%

SPRAY PUMP ORAL SPRAYS Pour the prescribed amount into little water or sprinkle under the tongue, hold it briefly in your mouth and then swallow.

INJUSTABLE SOLUTIONS They are sterile, injectable preparations, solutions, dilutions or triturations, prepared using water and sodium chloride, other additives are not allowed.

As containers, glass vials are used, which contain a single dose, to be administered immediately after opening.

THE SUPPLIERS They are prepared using semisynthetic glycerides or cocoa butter as excipients. They must have a homogeneous consistency and an integer surface, they must

Be hermetically sealed and stored below 30 degrees Celsius. In addition, additives such as stabilizers or to improve consistency are not allowed.

PUMPS Designed to be coated or fringed on the skin

And mucosa, are prepared using as excipient the

Vaseline alone or mixed with lanolin.

COLLIRES They are water-based, sterile solutions; The solution is rendered isotonic with the tear fluid through sodium chloride and no other additives are allowed. Any preservatives must

Be indicated on the label. As a rule, the preparation, after being opened, should be used within one month if stored in the light of the light.

Avoid contact with your fingers – the granules and the blood cells should not be touched with your fingers but poured into the appropriate metering stopper and dropped into your mouth under the tongue

So as not to alter the particular molecular configuration responsible for the remedy activity, both for hygiene and comfort, given their small size.

Homeopathic remedies should not be kept exposed to sunlight as heat destroys its pharmacological action.

Note: Homeopathic medicines arrive to us daily and directly from the pharmaceutical companies, avoiding further transport (hot, cold, electromagnetic fields, electronic equipment, etc.) that modify the structure, making them often ineffective.